B2B Industrial Marketing for Manufacturers is Complex

It’s easy to become overwhelmed – just running your business daily is challenging enough. Developing and implementing a systematic approach to growing your company seems like an impossible dream…. but it doesn’t have to be.

We are dedicated to two things:


Training technical executives and entrepreneurs – that are not directly involved in marketing – to better understand the marketing function and the big picture of marketing. Helping you to better understand what should happen and equipping you to make better decisions regarding budgets, expenditures, etc.


Coaching Small business owners and executives to take charge of their marketing program, especially if you plan to outsource the work. Access the marketing challenges your business is facing, developing solutions to fill the gaps, and creating an overarching marketing plan to tie everything together.

Our hard-fought experience dates back 20+ years – starting a marketing program from scratch with a custom manufacturer…no product of our own. Sell one/ build one business model. Not an easy business to be in. Definitely not an easy business to market. So, we learned, sometimes the hard way.

Put that experience to work for you!

If you’ve struggled with haphazard marketing tactics. Trying this, trying that, trying something new. Have you wondered if there’s a better, more organized way to give structure to the whole thing? Please consider scheduling a call to see if we can help.

It’s easy:

  • Schedule a call to discuss your specific challenges

    Schedule a call to discuss your specific challenges

  • Develop a custom Master Marketing Plan

    Develop a custom Master Marketing Plan

  • Implement pragmatic growth strategies.

    Implement pragmatic growth strategies.

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    Peter Denes BSME, MBA

    Certified 1-Page Marketing Plan Coach